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The Veterinary Bioscience Institute (VBI) is an approved continuing education provider American Association of Veterinary State Boards. VBI's courses, webinars and workshops also meet the requirements for Continuing Education Units of ASR, CALAS and AALAS. VBI's training also meets the following standards: ISO9000, cGLP, the 2010 Guide and Council of Europe's Directive 86/609 (ETS 123).

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The 3R's of Research; Refinement, Reduction and Replacement

Surgical Training Videos for iPrecio Minipump Implantation


Preclinical formulations and drug delivery are important to support early in vivo studies efficiently and productively. Implantable pumps have become a very convenient and cost effective method to deliver compounds in all areas of research. Minipumps are important research tool for investigating continuous infusion versus the typical peak to trough exposure profiles of bolus injections. Additionally, this method has significant animal welfare benefits over repeat dosing by other routes where restraint and tethered infusion or injection may be required. With the use of specialized catheters, specific administration sites may be selected including ICV, intrathecal, IV, SC, and IP. Animal handling artifacts are also reduced to a minimum. A further advantage of using an implantable pump is that it allows different absorption profiles to be mimicked when infusing intravenously. This characteristic is especially useful since the modeling of the profile of the plasma exposure achieved with intended therapeutic route often still requires the use of intravenous infusions.

iPrecio Minipump Advantages

  • Ensure around-the-clock exposure to test agents at predictable levels.
  • Permit continuous administration of short half-life proteins and peptides.
  • Provide a convenient method for the chronic dosing of laboratory animals. 
  • Minimize unwanted experimental variables and ensure reproducible, consistent results. 
  • Eliminate the need for nighttime or weekend dosing. 
  • Reduce handling and stress to laboratory animals. 
  • Small enough for use in mice or very young rats. 
  • Allow for targeted delivery of agents to virtually any tissue. 
  • Serve as cost–effective research tools. 

Surgical Training

It is imperative that the person performing implantation procedures is competent in basic and advanced rodent surgery. The Veterinary Bioscience Institute along with the iPrecio is developing detailed training surgical video library for rats and mice to help scientists and technical staff with their research needs.

Currently following videos have been developed and are available for viewing:

  • Subcutaneous implantation in a rat for delivery at the pump and at the neck region.

Additional videos are coming soon:)

Click here to view currently available surgical training videos for rats. 

Please select iPrecio Rat Implantation Training Videos

Rat Gavage
Surgical training videos for mice are coming soon!!! Mouse Gavage

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